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Guest neha

Graphic design jobs

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Guest neha

Hi everyone,


I'm looking to move to Australia in September on a working holiday visa, while also potentially applying for a skilled sponsored visa.


I'm a graphic designer with experience with mainly fashion/beauty brands here in the UK, working for the likes of Asos.com and Chanel. Fashion is a huge thing to me when it comes to graphic design, so I’m hoping to move into the same field in Australia, though i am aware that its a step back from the scene here in London, that’s not a problem.


I'm just wondering where the best place is for such work - Melbourne or Sydney? I've been speaking to so many people and they give mixed reviews, so some help would be much appreciated.


My current job lies with a fashion magazine, so it would be great to jump into the same thing out there, so any ideas on where the magazines are based? where the fashion hub is? which is the most fashionable of the two? I know Australian Fashion Week is in Sydney, but then I’ve also been told that the creative jobs/people are all in Melbourne? Share the light...pleeeeeeease.


Thanks so much


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Guest Darren Coppin

Hi Neha


I know it was a year ago that you posted regarding getting into the fashion design industry in Oz. I was wondering how you got on.


I am a fashion designer in the UK and moving over in a month. My designs are currently in Primark, ASOS, John Lewis, Adams Childrenswear, M&Co etc (actually I'm in China right now checking on the production runs and samples).


BUT we're moving to Brisbane...whereas almost all positions I see advertised are in Melbourne...is that what you found?


There are a couple of fashion recruitment agencies that seem to mop up most of the market over there:

Fashion Industry Jobs | Ragtrade Jobs | Fashion Job Vacancies - Epoch Home and Star recruitment & Consulting.


So give them a try if you're still trying to get back into using your Illustrator and Photoshop skills! Fingers crossed it went well for you.


Best regards


Laura Savage

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