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Guest diegohandofgod

Definition of deadline dates on citizenship.gov.au website

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Guest diegohandofgod

Hi there


I'll be submitting a citizenship application under the old 2-year residency rule in June 2010, but I'm wondering about the statutory deadline day quoted in the relevant legislation.


Guidance on the citizenship website states "If people became permanent residents before 1 July 2007 and apply before 30 June 2010 they must have been physically present in Australia as a permanent resident for a total of two years...." etc etc.


As I'm running very tight on time with my qualifying residency days I'm keen to find out whether the submission deadline is actually 29 June 2010, as the guidance states "before 30 June 2010", not "on or before 30 June 2010". I know there are no test cases because we haven't reached 30/10/2010 yet, but can any migration consultants who've worked with deadline dates in the past (and who therefore know how the immigration department applies its dates) be able to advise please?


Many thanks


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