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Guest ClaireBaxter84

De-Facto Sub class 309 - what happens after?!

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Guest ClaireBaxter84

Hello everyone,


I have a quick question. I had my de-facto spouse visa granted last September and myself and my aussie partner (I'm english) came back to live in Melbourne in October 2008. We plan to stay until (hopefully!) my permanant visa is granted which I think is two years after initial entry, so around October 2010 I guess.


What happens if we then decide to go back to London for a while? Will this affect my permanant Australian Visa?


Our plan is basically to wait it out, get my perm visa then go back to the UK, probably for 5-10 years. What happens to the status of my visa - do I actually have to be living here in Australia to keep it valid?:goofy:


Any help or info appreciated.





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Guest proud2beaussie

A permanent resident visa is valid for five years that basically means that in that time you can come and go as you please,however after 5 years in order to re enter Australia after overseas travel you need to obtain a resident return visa,and to be eligible for a RRV you must have spent at least two out of the previous five years in Australia.

So in your case a PR granted in 2010 will enable you to travel to and from Australia up until 2015 but in 2015 should you wish to re enter Australia you would need an RRV and to be eligible for a 5 year RRV you would need to have spent at least two out of the previous 5 years in Australia.

More informatin and RRV calculator at:

Five Year Resident Return Visa (Subclass 155)

These conditions apply to permanent resident visas generally but I am unaware whether a 309 visa would have any different conditions,so I may not be entirely correct ,if I am wrong someone will tell me (i hope) !

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