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Guest jbay

State Sponsorship for Tradesmen Cut?

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Guest jbay

Hi All,

(I hope I'm posting this in the right place??)


Regarding State Sponsorship for tradesmen: I recently read an article in The Independent (dated a few weeks ago) saying that before the Australian budget on 12 May, almost all skills were going to be removed from the occupational shortage list. This included carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers and electricians (I am an electrician!!) :arghh: The main 3 sectors that will still be listed are Health Occupations, IT and engineering.


To quote from the article: 16.032.009

Evans, who removed hairdressers and cooks off Australia's critical occupation shortage list at Christmas, said he was now also deleting foreign bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters and electricians from the list that guides skilled migration intake.

Further cuts were likely in the 12 May budget, he said, leaving only health occupations, engineering and information technology skills as needed skills.

"What we'll look to do is run a smaller programme and keep the capacity to make sure we can bring in any labour we might need as the year develops," Evans said.


Does anyone knoe any more about this situation?? I have just done my General Electrician practical skills assessment 2 weeks ago, and I'm waiting for the results. I'm hoping to apply for State Sponsorship to WA, but not sure if this is going to be possible. My visa agent hasn't said anything, so not sure whether to still continue with the process and see what happens? I just checked on the WA Govt website today, and they still have General Electricians on the Skills in Demand list, so am I worrying about nothing??


Any info will be much appreciated! :confused:


From Jason

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Guest Yellow Wood

Do you think you mean the CSL Critical Skills List or the MODL Occupations in Demand List? As far as I'm aware, if your trade is still on the MODL then your in if points add up...CSL just gives you priority over other applicants

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