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Guest Wannaby

HELP General Electrician vs. Vetassess Practical Skills assessment

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Guest Wannaby



5 Feb 2008 Lodged Vetassess Paper-Based Competency profile assessment


22 Feb 2008 Received "level 1 - successful outcome" from Vetassess for Paper-Based Competency profile assessment


22 Apr 2008 Attended Vetassess Practical skills assessment in Cape Town


01 May 2008 Received Unsuccessful Outcome for Vetassess Practical skills assessment


10 June 2008 Received Record of Assessment from Vetassess for Vetassess Practical skills assessment


25 Aug 2008 Received Review of Vetassess Practical skills assessment


:arghh: Review reads :

Below is a provisional list of units that u were demmed as not to have met the aquivalent technical skills:

* UEENEEC001A - Maintain Documentation

* UEENEEC003A - Install Wiring and Accessories for Low voltage Circuits

* UEENEEC005A - Verify Comliance and Functionality of General Electric Installations




My husband is an apprenticed Electrical Artisan working 12+ years as an electrician artisan at Matla Coal Central Engineering Workshop. How can he take 20 tests fail the 3 above and be denied the out come necessary to proceed with PR Application !!!!!!!


Has anyone else failed the Vetassess Practical Skills Assessment ? what do we do next ? My husband is refusing to redo Vetassess Practical he is convinced that they are a money making scheme and passing the test relys purely on how vetassess feels that particular day !!! we do no even understand what he did wrong in the first place !!!

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1st one means he did not provide the documentation in the correct manner on the test.


2nd he must have stuffed up the wiring or the appliance he connected


3rd again the testing is paramount there is a set way for testing if its not done by the book you fail. (Insulation resistance test, Continuity test) Earth resistance test, recording of all testing results.????


It does not matter what experience he has or qualifications he possesses all 3 test above must be done to the correct specifications if not then im sorry its a fail. Now he should be looking or get info from the people who failed him to find out how to do the exams the way they like them done, so he may have another go.


Dont forget the people at Vatessess are all government instructors they are NOT allowed to fail a person if they they match the requirements there work is also checked by auditors.


As for the money making side of things by the government i agree there its a disgrace in the way they milk people. so the thing for him to do is make sure he follows the basic structure for all installations, testing, & any fault finding he must perform.




Arthur in Melbourne, im sure he shall get there in the end

Arthur In Melbourne



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Guest Wannaby

My HO didnt have to connect an appliance he wired a circuit and he and the assessor tested it and all was in order then my HO had to walk away and the assessor put faults in the circuit. My HO returned found the faults, repaired them then he and the assessor retested the circuit and all was in order !! thats why my HO doesn't understand what went wrong !!


I have sent numerous emails to tradeassess@vetassess .com.au requesting help, information and advice and have never had a reply from them !!


Where can we get some information about how Vetassess wants the test done ?

who can we contact who can explain exactly what he did wrong and how he should do it second time round ?

My HO is doing the test according to SA Specs maybe Oz Specs are different ?


If i can give my HO this info i might be able to get him to re-do the practical !!

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is there a dept at vatessess where you can email them to explain your questions surely there must be, if he did the install & found all faults he should have been ok very strange i would be emailing them to the highest level

Arthur In Melbourne



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Guest Wannaby

Hi Arthur


We made a fuss and it didnt help


08/05/2008 Received unsuccessful outcome letter and requested a "Record of assessment"


10/06/2008 Received Record of assessment which added little value agent requested a call from International Skills Assessment Manager to discuss our case.


Sent many many requests and calls but no luck. our agent tried getting hold of Sue Hamilton, the Manager of Vetassess but she too never did speak to our agent eventually our agent got hold of the Assessor who assessed my HO at the Practical he said we should request a "Review".


18/08/2008 sent a Review Request to Vetassess


25/08/2008 Receved Review and it said ....




    <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1">Testing procedures were poor; <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1">Power neutral was not isolated before testing; <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1">The assessor had to intervene with the Isolation switch;
  • Report documents were poor- this concerns maintaining documents with Health and Safety in mind and centres around the fact that a candidate must follow safety procedures.

September 2008 changed our route to 4-5-7 visa but to this day no sponsor and no job :-( keep getting "dear John" letters from employers stating that given the current economy slow down, my HO cant get a job without a visa !!


catch22 ......... We need a job to get a visa and need a visa to get a job !!!


I have recently got the courage to try and convince me HO to redo the Practical and persue PR again but ....


My HO says thats its all "BS" and refuses to redo the test. plus Vetassess small print says regarding redoing the tests he failed ...."however this may involve undertaking a series of tasks covering other aspects of your trade"!! more tests ?????

The risk is too high in my HO eyes (and expensive: test, flights, accom, and taxi), he feels they are a money making scheme who pass or fail u according to how they feel then manufacture lies when confronted s in our case. like I said my HO works on very high voltages daily for over 12 years now, Safety is inbedded in him as a wrong move in his field is deadly !!!! He is insulted and I cannot change his mind :-( !!!


Our agent has sinced taken work somewhere else and is no longer helping us and the only contact for vetassess that I have is the Email Address given on their Website, i have used this address many many times and have never received a reply.


I really hope someone at PomsInOz can help us out !!!!!!!




I really "WANNABY" a PomInOz who got out of SA, with my 3 small children before ZUMA does anything really stupid !!! I know about Sener van Rensburgs predictions of the "Night of the Long Knives" and need to get out of SA before Mandela dies, incase the prophecy is correct !!!!

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i would be doing the exams again its as simple as that, maybe to prove a point to the people.

Now then you must push him to do this its worth it in the end i can assure you, tell him if he does i shall buy him a few beers when you both get here, & Im a tight sod love i can assure you.


if & when or should i be saying "When" he does the test again, tell him to have a procedure in place for disconnecting all cables & testing also make sure the procedures are correct, safety 1st as you say.


when disconnecting test to ensure all cables are Dead 1st, then disconnect live (Active here) then neutral then earth last.


i would be doing the insulation resistance test 1st (Megger test) between live & earth, neutral & earth the live & neutral & earth the next step recording every test as he goes regardless of a pass or fail record every result then state if the results are to the standard of the current wiring rules of a minimum of 1Mohm. also make sure before testing all appliances are disconnected all lamps are out all switches are in the closed position again recaord all results.


then do the continuity testing of earth on all circuits then live & switch wires again record results.


when the moron introduces the faults & if he can find them make sure he does all this in a very ordily fashion again recording all results stating all meter results.

if he has a set procedure upon going in the room then he should be Ok, its easy for me to say that i know but he must give himself a fighting chance. he must think posative & he shall be a lot better next time round.


i honestly do hope he changes his mind or you can convince him to do it again.


let me know how he goes if he wants to email me i please tell him to write to me also i may i suggest another person on British Ex pats his name is Steve"O he is a great bloke very informative & also very helpful im sure steve shall echo the same as ive been saying on here but if it comes from another person maybe myself & Steve"O can convince him to do it again.


all the very best to you both, you both sound very nice decent people



Arthur In Melbourne



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Guest Wannaby

Thanks Arthur


I forwarded ur advice to my husband and it did get him thinking !!! he says he admits to battling with the electronics and had a bit of trouble with the "Conduit bending" apparatus as its a different tool to what he is using at work !! but the complaints made he says are completely untrue he thinks his assessment must have been switched with someone elses !!! or his fail was a mistake and the review was a cover up !!! lol


i used this to my advantage and manipulated the situation a little saying that thats GREAT !!!!! if he had no problem with the circuit then redoing it would be a breeze !!!!!!! hehe I said he should redo the test using ur guidlines and keep a set procedure in place for every move he makes and its a doddle, he will get a successful outcome for sure !!


anyway he was considering redoing the test until his company shut down all overtime with immidiate effect (yesterday) :-( now we have to concentrate on just making ends meet for the time being !!! with that we cannot afford to redo the test now anyhow !!! :-(


Thank you so much for all ur help !!! I will contact u again when we are ready to resit the practical. for now we are just going to try survive the economy slowdown and keep applying for work in Oz hoping we might get lucky !!!!!


Best Wishes


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