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Find the hidden job market - Trade contractors

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I am a consultant in the WA Trade Contractor Industry. I have just rewritten an ebook, splitted into a 5-part series, on "5-steps on how to sell (smarter) through others in the Trade Contractors Industry" The point is that this may also be applicable to those who want to find a job in the hidden job market. You can download a summary at: PERTH BUSINESS CONSULTANTS - Home The content:



2.Our intent and our intended readers

3.The sales process in 5-steps: Partner Relationships

3.1.Lead Generation – working through entities of influence

3.1.1.Lead generation – ad hoc hosting

3.1.2.Lead generation – strategic alliances

3.1.3.Lead generation – endorsement by host

3.1.4.Lead generation – referrals

3.2.How to reach those entities of influence

3.3.Why will entities of influence help you?

3.4.Lead generation – finding the invisible market

4.Your first contact

4.1.Your selling Purpose.

4.2.Action Plan

4.3.Outline reasons for your call


5.Your appointment

5.1.Uncovering the real needs

6.Smart selling – Partner Relationship

7.Your selling behavioural style

8.Finally - what gets you the sale?

9.Conversion from leads to prospects to customers

10.Moving towards a Partner Relationship


APPENDIX A - Next Meeting Planner

APPENDIX B – The Octagon Behavioural questionnaire and self score


I believe that the concept of identifying "entities of influence" for your job market may be very applicable - although seen from an employer's side.

This is based on the work I have published for migrants to WA here: Perth Business Services - Home

Trust that it helps!

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