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Guest brownfamily

Motorbike Test?

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Guest brownfamily

Hi all,


OH wanted to be able to ride a motorbike over in Oz. He hasn't actually passed his motorbike test over here yet, so I just wondered whether if he passed it here would that be recognised in Oz. I have to say that I don't know alot about bikes, but I think the crash course he would have here is over a week and would cost about £600.


Or if it's not recognised in Oz then is it probably easier to wait till he gets to Oz to do the test (I take it there is a test needed<) , and if so has anyone got any ideas how much it is going to cost if he does the test in Oz?


Any advice very much appreciated as he has wanted to do this for years!!!:eek:





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hiya it would be recognised here so you shouldnt have a problem,not sure of the catergory listing thou meaning ,if he just does his cbt in the uk im unsure as to if he will still have to stick with lower horsepower or if its open here,(hope that makes sense) ,also if you do pass your licence in Oz you are not allowed pillion passengers for 12mth,personally i would get a full bike licence in the uk and just straight swap for any aussie one when you get here,thats if he has time ,,

Cal x

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