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Guest mykeh

South African Military Clearance Required

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Guest mykeh

I am busy going through the process for my Visa, my trade been checked to see I meet the requirements and accepted.


Next step is to apply for a VISA - one of the requirements is MIlitary Clearance from the South African Defence Force. I suspect the Oz Immgration people want to see that I have actually completed my Military Service - we had no choice:rolleyes:


Back in in those day South Africa had 2 Year National Services when we left school


I have called the authorities in SA to get this Clearance Certificate an was told it would take up to 7 months to get this Certicate which is going to delay my application process with the Oz Immagration folk.


MY question is:

has anyone else had this issue and if yes how did you proceed e.g did you get the Certificate?


How long did it take?


If no - what evidence did you supply to the Oz Immration Authorities that your National Serviuce was completed?


I have my Military Force number etc but I am not sure if that would be acceptable.


Any help would be most appreciated

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Guest Saffa

If youv'e done compulsory service you do not have to supply military discharge papers. During the visa application you will be asked a question as below. I answered NO (as the 2 year miltary service was compulsory) & when a list of required documents were produced at the end of my application it did not ask for military discharge papers.




"34: Have you ever served in the military, either for your own country or

another country that was not considered mandatory service?




Yes Give details of any periods of military service including

name of unit, locations where posted, rank achieved

and duties performed"


I wasnt aware of this either so have gone through the process of applying for the military papers before I did my online application. if you do want to do this, just to play it safe, see the information below which I got from another person who applied. I got the papers back within two months if I remember correctly:






















"Spoke to Mrs Beukes yesterday, lovely lady. Says she is swamped by requests at the moment, sounds like she is posting up to 60 per day. Anyway, she said that the process is a 2 step one:-


1.) Exemption Certificate - This is from her


Fax letter to 012 3923117


You need your Full Names, ID Number, Contact telephone and Postal Address on letter. She can get your "Mags Nommer" off system.


2.) Certificate of Service - From a lady by the name of Esme


Fax Letter to 012 322 6360


You need your Full Names, ID Number, Contact telephone and Postal Address on letter AS WELL AS a copy of your ID.


Does not matter which part of military you were in, i.e. Army, Air Force or Navy and others





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I was in the RAF for a few years about 20 years ago. I successfully used the form with my leaving service medical results to prove I was discharged (so glad I kept it!). Did you get anything like this in South Africa?

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