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Guest Ian Jones

Convergence of Trends: Build an Aussie Business

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Guest Ian Jones

Hi All,

I was recently let down by my "New" employer who said after one month that he couldn’t pay me due to the recession. GREAT!!


But that got me thinking and looking around the world for opportunities because I know I can trust myself.


I came up with a concept of "Convergence of Trends" as a model for considering a flexible freedom based business.


The Trends identified were:

1. Working from home

2. Global Recession

3. Increasing unemployment and uncertainty

4. Increasing online tools and access

5. Realization that if it is to be it’s up to me

6. Increasing personal development industry, The Secret, The Passion Test etc

7. Tightening cash and credit

8. Increasing use of Barter


I believe that the time is right to take advantage to the current convergence of trends; all that is needed is energy, direction and leadership.


By combining the negative points I was able to come up with a very positive business model. A model that requires little cash to get started bur rapidly generates cash and pays its expenses by barter.


When I was previously employed I constantly and ran the ongoing risk of being laid off at my bosses’ whim with little notice. It doesn't have to be that way so I made a decision to change.


I now work from home, 50% Singapore and 50% Sydney, it’s great.

I have also achieved my other objectives of, No Staff, Stock or Premises. This concept will work anywhere in the world.


If you want to do something like me and you feel you have leadership qualities then I am happy to assist,


Go offline if you like at Positive Action Today


Ian Jones


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