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Family Sponsorship - Disaster.

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Had the opportunity to visit DIAC today in Adelaide to try and get some idea of processing times now for family sponsored 475 visas.


Application was submitted Oct 2008 before priority processing changes, DIAC website still shows processing time of 7 months from low-risk country.


Despite all this, we were told today that application will not be looked at for 12 to 18 months!


Agh!!! Totally wrong that changes to system can affect applications already submitted under previous arrangements. Does everybody else agree that changes on January 1st should only affect applications from that day forward. Can we not set up a protest group, or some kind of appeal. HELP!!

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Guest Gollywobbler

Hi Kazzarazza


Nobody knows how long it will be before the Minister decides to relax the current embargo on non-priority applications. That in turn depends on when the Minister decides that Australia once again has enough capacity to be able to absorb non-essential migrants again. If all the major Governments put their heads together, come up with a viable plan to kick start the global economy and the kick start does the trick, confidence, optimism and spending might return sooner rather than later.


If not then even the Minister for Immi does not know how long he will maintain this embargo for. Apparently he will be reviewing the situation every 3 months and the good news is that all the big business players in Oz are pushing him hard to maintain the migrant intake at a high level.


The Minister will have to announce his plans for the 2009/10 Financial Year in mid-May 2009 because that is when the 2009/10 Budget will be released. He might not say anything until then but he cannot leave it any later than the mid-May deadline.


I think we just have to sit tight and wait to see what happens next.


Best wishes



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Guest cherylf

Yes, they keep moving the goalposts. When we emigrated here in August 2007 it was on the understanding that my parents' contributory visa would be completed within 6-9 months (as it was then) or we wouldn't have come. It's now February 2009 and they haven't even been allocated a case officer yet. There are always more people in the queue than anticipated so we keep getting knocked back. Had we known we were going to wait so long before seeing them again we would have stayed in the UK. But the Government will still take our $62K in fees. Once 'in the system' they should see the application through within the original time span.

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