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Guest MrT1960

Postgraduate (574) Visa and Dependents

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Guest MrT1960

Hi All,


i am just about to put an application in for a postgraduate student visa in australia and i wondered if i have to declare my two children 6 and 3 (from a previous relationship and we were never married). I haven't seen them for a while and they will not be coming with me, and they will not be visiting either.


i have read through the documentation and it seems quite confusing:


"All members of your family unit must be declared on your

application whether or not they intend to travel to Australia at

any time. A member who is not declared will not be eligible for

entry to Australia as your family unit member, except for a person



who becomes a member after your application was decided"


I don't want to put the wrong thing on the visa and for it come back and bite me, but i also don't want my visa declined because of this.


Does anyone have any suggestions or had any experience about this? any help would be greatly appreciated.



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