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Guest ItsalwaysdullinHull

Additional Qualifications??

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Guest ItsalwaysdullinHull

Cousin emigrated to Melbourne area in Oct 08. Husband only given 3 mths work in landscaping, and now struggling to find a job unless he pays $900 for extra training!!!:realmad:

This was not mentioned by the migration company who handled their application.


We are hoping to migrate in the Summer. My husband is a painter and decorator, will this rule apply to his trade too?? He is fully qualified with 10 years experience.


Painters are now off the sponsored list (176) and we have applied for 175,passed the TRA and just waiting for the visa itself, will this affect our application???


Thank you in advance

Alex and Andy:jiggy:

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Hi Alex and Andy

Just wanted to welcome you to poms in oz, hope someone can answer your questions

Best of luck

Tania X

Is looking forward to the future and all what it holds:biggrin:

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