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Guest Nadjez

repeat use of eta visa

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Guest Nadjez

i went to australia 15th october til 23rd december 08 to visit my fiance on an eta visa. i am going back in 3 weeks, so can be there for valentines day with him, also there for his birthday and to book a marriage celebrant for our wedding in december. when i come back on 18th march 09 i am going to hand in my apllication for a prospective marriage visa. i am very worried that immigration are going to refuse me entry as am going back over ther so soon, surley im not doing anything wrong, by going to see my parntner and sort out arrangements for our wedding, i will also be taking over some of my belongings to help me so when and if immi let me move over there to be with my shaney it helps me. im terrified that they will take it the wrong way. also i was on a working holiday visa from ja 06 til jan 08, thats how i met my man.


also when i flew into perth in october i got stopped just casually and he wasnt horrible and said that i couldnt keep coming over on a tourist visa(it made me so mad) that was my first time on an eta. but isnt this what they are designed for? ahhhrrr


any advice greatly needed thankyou :arghh:



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