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Guest the jp's

mortgage broker or direct with bank

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Guest the jp's


Any opinions about whether it's best to go with a mortgage broker or direct with a bank, when fixing up a mortgage?


the jp's

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Hi, we used a mortgage broker as they do a search of lenders and all the different home loans available, which would take me forever, to work out the best deal.

With our broker (Aussie) there was no obligation to use their services if we chose to go elsewhere, and no fee to us. They had a flat fee, charged to whichever lender we went with, so as not to favour any particular lender for a higher broker fee we were told.

I'm not sure if all brokers check with all lenders, so maybe try a couple of brokers to see who comes up with the best deal?

As my hubby was recently self employed, we had very little choice of lenders, and assumed we would have to get a low-doc loan; this was not the case, which we would probably not have found out without an experienced person working on our behalf.

Best of luck,


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Guest donovan

Hiya if any one is looking for financial advice please give Rebeka a call from mortgage force, i can honestly say from the feedback I have had from the many English people she has helped she is worth her weight in Gold

Let her know that Sarah @ Gold Coast Relocations recommended her to you and please let me know how you go a bit about her below.


From my experience in helping many new Aussies from the UK in finding finance, you are most likely familiar with how a mortgage broker fits into your property purchase.


I have around 35 Australian lenders on my panel and state of the art software that can compare what each lender is offering, and which lender will be the cheaper option for you long term.


This software is updated every hour to ensure all the latest products, interest rates and specials are available to us.


When you are ready to get the wheels in motion to purchase your property, please feel welcome to give me a call on 07 5573 5474.




Warm regards



Just wanted to add Rebekah's direct email address



Sarah x

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Guest Paul EDGE

Hi JP's

Have PM'd you


Regards Paul

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Hi Sarah, I have just emailed Rebeka, regarding our Mortgage needs. Thanx for your recommendation.


Sean & Liz Griffiths

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