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Guest samnash1

Resident Return Visa (5 year)

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Guest samnash1

Hi can anyone help?


I was granted PR (subclass 175) as I am a nurse. Lived in Australia with my family from 2004 - 2006 a total of 18mths. Came back to the UK as a very close family member was very sick and has since passed away. Our PR visa's don't expire until May 2009, but our 17 year old son in middle of A level's and does not want to come back to Australia to live with us. He has no close family in London and we don't feel we can uproot him Realistically, we can't go before summer 2010.


I was told by 3 people (including the Australian Immigration dept in London) that I may be able to apply for a 5 year RRV on the grounds of 'compassionate and compelling' reasons. I was told today by case worker there that my application will fail as I am not entitled to apply on these grounds. I can only apply if I have substantial ties to Oz (ie a family member there) or cultural, or other strong reasons.


The case worker did 'hint' very heavily that if I were to apply in Australia where I don't need to complete an application but just turn up at a migration department I am quite likely to get a 5 year RRV issued. He couldn't give me a definite and was very careful with the words he used, but that was definetly the message he was giving me.


Has anyone applied for a 5 year RRV inside Australia having spent less than the 2 out of the last 5 years in Australia. I am quite willing to go to Australia to do this but would like to know if I stand a chance.


I am unable to call the Brisbane branch as calls can only me made from Oz!!





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I am sorry but i had as much luck as yourself. They will not give you definate answers as it all depends on case officers. i would say your sick relative is compelling grounds to have been away from Australia but i dont think they will look at your sons education as compelling grounds. My guess is you are good to go as you have 2 years out of the last 5 in Australia. So i would in that case apply in the UK to save the cost of flying over if they say no.

Sorry i couldnt be any more help but i will PM you phone number for you to phone in the UK (dont tell them who gave it to you)

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hi Sam,

would you mind sharing the outcome of your visa application....in detail..


This thread is over four years old. The outcome is not relevant, things work differently now anyway. If you have a question on RRVs then please start a new thread of your own and I am sure people will be happy to advise if they can.


Thread closed.

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