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when to ask for a stat dec?

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Hi guys, i havent yet approached my ex for a stat dec to take my son to oz and wondered how long is the process? im undecided if i think he will agree of not so timelines for both situs would be good? i need an idea of when to ask him. if he agrees and signs can he change his mind before we leave? amny thanks


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Hi check out any of my previos threads. The sooner the better really for planning. If he agress also will take a lot of your mind. good luck sharon x

Court process started Sept 06, Permission May 08 vetassess Oct 08 Pratical Feb 09, 175 csl, modl, online visa lodged 26.2.09 off CSL March WA SS 31/5/09 granted SS 3/10/09.8/4/10 med finalised CO 3/12/10 visa grant 6/12/10. Had baby 24/1/2011 added to visa. Arrived Perth 31/3/2011 ?

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Guest moxy

Yes I agree it's better to ask your ex's permission first as it costs a lot of money to submit a visa and if you know that he will agree on the outset then you know you won't be spending all your money & time only to be let down if he doesn't agree. Not sure what your relationship is like with you ex but I felt it better all round for us all to discuss it at the beginning of our plans.

It only cost me £5 for a solicitor to witness a stat dec that I drew up and my ex to sign.

Luckily he has been in agreement from the start.

All the best, Samantha x

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