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Help needed please.. where do we begin??

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Hi everyone,


Me and my hubby have talked about emigrating to Oz for at least 2 years now, and we are now ready to get the wheels in motion so to speak.


The only thing is, we have had several free assessments done online with various Migration companies and all have asked for about £100 to £300 to proceed onto the next stage. I just want to know of a reputable company that has actually helped people move successfully at a reasonable rate.


I would be very grateful if you could let me know which UK company you went with and why you would/would not recommend.


Also, we have been asked what region of Oz we want to apply for.. well, as we've never even been to Oz we really don't know where to go.

We have the basic points to get in and should easily get into Victoria.. and South Wales (Adelaide) but I personally fancy the Gold Coast/Brisbane but have to remain realistic.. so any advice as to where we should apply to live would also be a big help.


My hubby will be looking for work in civil engineering either private or local authority.. I intend to be a housewife but I do work as a finance clerk here for our local authority and I'm also a fully qualified Holistic Therapist, but as my hubby is the main bread winner obviously we'll go where he will be able to get work.


Many many thanks in advance for any help/advice you can throw our way!! :0)




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Guest YellowGecko

I think the Australian Immigration website is your best pathway and start point.

Adelaide or Brisbane are both lovely and would be very realistic.

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Hi there, just wan't to welcome you to pio,

Cant help with your questions but im sure someone will be along shortly who can!

Oz is Beautiful, but the uk is home :wubclub:

Returned to Bournemouth 20th August 2010


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Thanks for your reply,

We have been to several emmigration presentations and got DVDs so we kind of have the general information needed to start the journey, we are now at the stage of proceeding to the next level and actually applying for visas - but there are so many companies that offer varies things that it is a mindfield and just really wanted some guidance as to which company we should go with.





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