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SME Business Confidence Index - Australia

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I found this very useful document that provides a quarterly Sensis® Business Index is an ongoing series of surveys tracking the confidence and behaviour of Australia's small and medium enterprises (SMEs).



You will notice that it covers all states and most industries.


Once you identified the performance of your market segment of interest, you can view an indepth research report here:



Now for the good news: These reports are expensive but can be viewed at now charge at your nearest WA Small Business Development Centre


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Guest Tim

I would have to agree, I work for a small business owner less than 12 employees - his outlook is that things are grim in the near term. Business has certainly dropped off since November quite noticably. Personally i believe that a % is due to the negative press, business owners are awaqiting to see what actually transpires. The medium term for what I do is quite optomistic so long as mining drives the WA economy. With that I'll always be employed.


Before that I also thik from my perspective the economy in WA will tighten and jobs will go, just give it another three months before it kicks in.



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