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Hills District, Sydney

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My husband and I are just starting the migration process. If we do finally make the move, it will be to Sydney. Our main concern, like most, is whether we can actually afford to live anywhere nice. We have two girls and are looking for a good family area.

We have been looking at the Hills District which is within our budget. I would be grateful if anyone could give me there opinions on the area (schools etc.) good or bad and also, what the commute to central Sydney is like as the OH will be working there.

Many thanks Peeps.

Victoria :biggrin:

CPV 143 applied June 2017

870 Sponsorship applied 29 April - Rejected 6 Sept  - 2nd 870 Sponsorship applied 20 Sept - Approved 27 Sept

870 (5 year) applied 29 Sept - medical requested 7 Oct - medical done 14 Oct

Evidence of health insurance and 2nd VAC requested / paid - 22 Oct

870 5 year visa - Approved 28 Oct 2019 😀

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Hi Victoria! I'm just bumping this up for you so more people see it and hopefully you'll get some responses :yes:


Dan xx :-)

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