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Guest Nadjez

advice, reasurrance about defacto spose partner sponsership 309

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Guest Nadjez

hi every one, i am desperate for peoples views, opinions, advice, reassurance its wrecking my head



i am 24 years old shane is 25, i met him in oz 14th feb 07 when i was on a hol working visa in oz. we were seeing ech other for a while then i moved in to his rented house in june 07 lived there til jan 08 as visa ran out.we had decided we loved each other and wanted to be together forever and got engaged xmas day 2007. stayed incontact via mobile(unfortunately pre paid mobile so cant get phone records)like 4 times a day, some emails, letters and lots of sms. he came over to meet my family and friends may 08 they loved him:wink:. we went travelling around euroup then again the sad time came he had to go back to oz middle of july 08. again the same contact i just saved hard and went back to oz on 15th october 2008, i was soo happy to be with my shaney, our lil house and animals, and mates.


we went to tassie met his mum and sisters they thre an engagement party for us , it was just bliss. but i came home a few days ago, cuz of tourise visa, came back xmas eve, i was absolutley devestated and am really finding it hard to be away from him this time. so we are strating the process, gthering info for defacto sponsership 309.


please i would really appreciate any advice, views , experiences , to tell us a deffo no i dunno what ever you think really, or things to make our case stronng enuf.


also when i went back to oz i got stopped by immi officer he said dont use an migration agent , cost you lots of dollers , if ur relationship is genuine and have photos and letters to each other no problemo. so am not using one


ok we havent lived together for 12 months but have been in a reltioship for over 12 months, and are engaged, to be married to share our future together although we ant to wait til we have enough money to apay for flights for family and friends whether it be in oz ur uk


ok so evidence


-corrispondance and pay slips to me at his address from when i moved in to his place june 2007.(we didnt have joint rent bills)its all in his name although i did pay my share so should proove that i was living with him


-phtots and a few xmas card to us both for my time there

-emails, letters, envelopes to eachother whilst we have been separated and a few home fone records from my parents line

-shanes flight details to uk

-our travlling flight and train details and plenty of phtot

-photos of us and my family

-photos of us and my mates

-my flight details to oz

-flight details for us both to tassie to meet his family

-photos of us and his family

-enagament party invitaion

-engagment cards

-engagement announcement in newspaper

-plenty more photos of us both

-stat dec from our neighbour who we are good friends with and see eachother every day

-waiting on stat decs from his mum and sisters, and a mate who knew us from beginning when we first met eachother

-waiting on support letters from my parents

-i also got a letter from my last employer in oz to say i had worked with them before and they be happy to offer me permanent position if got this visa

-xmas cards and evelopes adressed to us both for xmas 08

- a wedding invitation from my friend to us both and a thanyou for attending letter to us both.

-we set up a joint ozzy account about a month ago for our savings


gona do all police checks and meds ready.


i desparately want to get over there with him and start our future together its killing me and will break my heart if we are refused, so please any any help :spinny:

im sorry for writting so much, just had to let it all out hahaha, im glad i have found this site , we can all help each toher, we are all going through immigration stuff, and know what each toher is going through. ahhhrrrr its doing my head in i feel like well no i actually am putting my life on hold until al this is sorted out.i wana start living it with shane


its all i have been thinking about and worrying about since i first left oz on 19th jan 08. im sure many of you worry and think about ur migration issues every day too, its a stressful business.well i am really scared cuz i want it so bad to be with my shaney and back to our life in oz with our lil hippies house and our pet goat, cat, dog and four fish hehe.


thankyou soo much

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I moved to Melbourne on a defacto visa in September and I did it on my own as it is so straight forward and only takes a few weeks to come through. It would be madness to pay for an agent.

DIMIA are very strict on the 12 month rule: as in, you must have lived together as a committed couple. I don't think you would qualify on these grounds. Sure someone will correct me if I am wrong!

Would a Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) not be more appropriate?

This visa allows you to enter Australia and marry your intended spouse (fiancé(e)) within the visa's nine (9) month validity period. Your fiance(e) must be one of the following:


  • an Australian citizen
  • an Australian permanent resident
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Check it out on the DIMIA website. Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) You could also email Australia House with your queries as to which visa is most suitable. They are quite prompt in replying.

Good luck!


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Guest jewels1356

i cant help you but i wish all the luck iam sure youl manage it kleep us infoprmed



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Guest Nadjez

thankyou both. we had thought about prospective marriage visa as we are already engaged but do not want to get married within 9 months as want to be able to help pay for flight for some family and friends for when we do get married. i know they ask for shared living together thing for 12 months , but they also said they understand if you have been apart due to work or not being able to stay in a country for a period of time etc and to show evidence of being incontact with each other when apart. isnt is mainly to proove that you have been in a relationship for 12 months and that living together is a common piece of evidence.every relationship is different right?


i duno maybe i should email high comission. ahhrrrrr!!!!!!!!!



thankyou both

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Good luck to you both and may you soon be together

Lyn (50) Barry (39) Ross (9) IT WAG !!!

OFFERED 457 ON 18/02/2010 started 457 1/3/2010, CO ON 04/03/10, 457 awarded 16/3/10,arrived 23/4/10

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Guest slipshot


It would be madness to pay for an agent.


DIMIA are very strict on the 12 month rule: as in, you must have lived together as a committed couple. I don't think you would qualify on these grounds. Sure someone will correct me if I am wrong!





I think you need to be fair to agents and people's circumstances - just because you did not use an agent does not mean no-one else ever should - particular when you then go on to say the OP would not qualify on the grounds they have given. Surely this is EXACTLY the time when an agent would prove invaluable...


To the OP - there is something slightly amusing that because an immigration officer at the airport told you not to use an agent, you are not. Not sure why they would be qualified to advise you on such a vital and important decision.


My recommendation, given your circumstances as outlined and not anyone else's would be to get an agent and their advice as to the best route forward. It may or mat not cost a small amount, but surely that is a small price to pay?

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Guest Faye&Matt

Why doesn't your fiance come to the UK and live with you for a year over here so that you would meet the 12 month living together rule? That is what I did with my partner when I met him on a working holiday there too. We travelled around Aus together for 10 months, stayed at his parents, etc just the same as you but we wanted to make sure our visa got approved so he got an ancestry visa over to the UK and has been here since Nov 2007 when I came back. It's just a suggestion? Then that way you'd be more or less guaranteed the approval rather than wasting all that money to get it declined. Hope it works out for you whatever you do!

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Guest Nadjez

thankyou every one, im not just going by what the officer said at the airport and not using as agent just beacause he said so. i have afrineds who have been through the process and believe we can do it ourselves seen our evidence and know both shane and i.

urm in terms of shane coming over here, we have thought about it, he did try once but was refused a working holiday visa becasue he did not have enough savings(i told him to wait a lil longer hahaha they just dont listen)

urm he has been renting his house for 7/8 years has a whole heap of furntiture and valuables, and we have lots of pet animals and can not find some one trust worthy anough to live there for a year. also he needs to keep his job is doing well, and also has debt to pay off on a regular basis. so hahaha it isnt always black and white i wish it was hahaha. thankyou all any way for your advice much appreciated.

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