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Electricians In Australia

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16 hours ago, Jsmull87 said:

Am I correct in thinking this is the Gap training such Aussie regs? Then I still need to do a log book after that.

Do you by any chance know what it costs? There is a company in the U.K. that let you start things whilst here but it appears to be at a premium.




ive just sent you a message can you please reply to arthurquinn@outlook.com


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Arthur In Melbourne



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On 23/08/2018 at 08:02, no1spark said:


ive just sent you a message can you please reply to arthurquinn@outlook.com


You will need to do your OSTR in the UK to get the ball rolling which will give you the certificate to go to energysafety for your provisional electrical license.. from there it depends where in Australia you are going.. in NSW I have heard there is an intense gap training course that gives your full license in about 4 to 6 weeks. If you have to do it the older way then gap training requires on the job training  a log book and about 10 months to complete and thats all asuming you get a trade assistent job to get the experience.  Either way it costs a lot of dolllars.. be prepared to spend 10k+ for the whole process.... I did my OSTR in the UK with the downunder centre... gives you a head start before you get here and you have no choice but get your OSTR... hope it helps.  If you need more help Im in WA Perth so only have more information for this side. 

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On 12/05/2017 at 20:01, Eltonb said:

Hi Arron I can assure you it is not hard to find work in Melbourne sorry no1spark you are way off with the way off with that info unless you can back that up you should not be feeding people with that as that what you wrote could put someone off from coming to Melbourne when it is so wrong thing dont work like what you read on the esv website, how is it impossible to get a restricted license please explain, me and my 3 mates plus the other 4 guys on the gap training must be the 1% in your closed mind

The job i found when I had my restricted license  I worked with someone for a week then I was in a car on my own on an Agrades wage running jobs because I said to my boss from day 1 I no what im doing you will be getting agrade class of work obviously better than Agrade because i was trained in the uk haha I also said if you want to pay me apprentice wages i can act like an apprentice its up to you, all I had to do when i was getting to grips with regs at the start is ring him when i was not sure to double check i was doing things right, I met guys on the gap training and 3 of us became good friends and they are working for companies with the same role that i had and they are still on a restricted license 

In my eyes an electrical license is a bit of plastic that gives ESV the right to screw you in the arse if you mess up, because it proves that you have done the exams that "make you understand what is right and wrong" but everyone here dose what they like anyway on site but they  think for some reason the are the best trained in the world and have to strongest regs in the world as the get told that as college and i can 100% say to anyone thinking of coming to aus you will get a shock from how they do things out here you may also get treated like an idiot at first but when they see you quality of work the aussies give you respect

1 quick thing for the cost of living when you start living here and your earning the $ stop converting everything to pound you will find that the cost of living is not bad at all. when you in the uk and your converting everything from $ to pound it seems expensive


if you want any info Arron PM me i will give you my details and help you where i can


Elton b



mate struggling to find a fast track course to gain my license. I have my otsr report, i am working for a company and just want to get my license so i can start earning the dollar. 

If you could send me any information that would be very much appreciated. 

Loving it here, i live in the northern rivers of NSW on the queensland border and have had no problem in finding a job....

many thanks in advance....

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