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Guest angela m

Where on earth do you start?

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Guest angela m

Hi, my husband (who is an air conditioning engineer) and I have been thinking of emigrating for a while now.


I don’t mind filling out paper work/booklets etc, as I am currently a pen pusher, (Boo) but not very good at using computers, and was wondering if someone would be willing to share their experience with me about obtaining a skills visa and if it's better to go down this route on your own, or blow the budget and get an agency involved to help.


Also for planning I need to have an idea of how long the whole process takes?


Thank you


Angela :)

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Guest jonseywife

Hi Angela

Glad you've taken the plunge in wanting to move to Oz - join the club!! :)

We are only half way through the process our selves, so still got lots to learn yet!! I'm no expert but I can roughly tell you what we had to do, if it helps (my hubby is plumber/gas fitter and were applying under the independant skilled visa 136).


Check out some of the links below, there is loads of info. (hope you like reading as well as filling in forms coz there is loads of both!!) :lol:


With you other half being in air conditioning, I would imagine he will be on the "wanted list "(MODL) Bonus points!!! Talking of points, there are loads of free on line points tests, even on this site I think.... to see if you qualify for the skilled visa (either independantly like us, or by getting a sponsor/job offer)

You could always have a chat with a visa agent to get some initial free advice, before you make up your mind. Also check out all the previous post on this forum about the Visa Agent subject too, there are lots of for's and against's on the subject!!!!

We used one, as we had a short time before my husband was 45 yrs old.. and needed get it done double quick & get it right first time!!!!

Firstly,Your hubby will need to get his trade recognised by the TRA (see link below) then you can apply for the full visa!!!!!!!!!

Good luck & i'm sure others will pass on many words of wisdom to you.... watch this space. :)






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Guest angela m



Thank you for your help, it's much appreciated. I will check out the links. I think I'm a little ahead of myself, (I've even been up to Oz house in London, but couldn't speak to anyone) as we're planning to start the process in June 08 and move in 09, however, even now I'm really excited and want to look at all the things that need doing, form that need filling and options open to us - sad I know.


As I said I'm a bit rubbish with the computer and only just came accross my posting by chance today. I didn't think I had managed to do it. LOL


Hopefully your visa wont take too long, I can't wait until we're at the stage you guys are at.



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Guest kimdownie

Hi angela,

My OH is a fridge and Air con engineer by trade, but is now a manager and hasn't been on the tools for 7 years. We are using his trade/skills for the 136 visa. The skills list calls them a mechanic and the skill is on the MODL list and is worth 60 points, if you have all his indentures and certificates and fill the other criteria you can use TRA pathway A to have your skills assessed. The Longest time for processing that I have heard of is 15 months but I dont think it was a MODL skill, the shortest time is 7 months.


Good Luck


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