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Interview Questions?

Guest smc01

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We are just wondering if anyone has had a phone / face to face interview for the defacto visa and if so knows what type of questions they ask?


We've heard they can be pretty specific, form how to walk to the flat from the tube station, to what side of the room the lightswitch is on!!


Thanks! :smile:

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Nah, the interview is not like that (mr & Mrs type questions) lol

I had an interview with a migration officer here in Sydney & was asked simple things like


had we secured a rental

had we brought a car

did we have a joint bank a/c in oz

how did my daughter like oz & about her school


it was all very relaxed & easy no trick questions at all


Good luck


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Guest jewels1356

well i had a phone interview with my co and she was very nice had a lovely voice so put me to ease and even said if i needed mre time in getting bits to her then just to ask i was a nevouse reack for 2 days before



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Guest Anna and Adam



I replied to your question on my 'hello' thread but in case it doesn't get to you, I'll respond here as well, the interview was so easy, just confirming the info my CO already had on the form, names, dates of birth, jobs, where/when we met/started living together, future plans, took about 5 minutes and at the end she said I'd got my visa.


Good luck with it all.



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