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Strange happenings in Perth

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Kitten with two faces born in Perth | Weird True Freaky | News.com.au

Maybe earlswood could use the picture in the article if he is double bored


Dont know about Perth there are plenty of them on PIo ( waits for abuse lol) whay pisses me off is the strange gits are keeping it alive ps there a 3 headed cat born at Steelos meliting shop its in the museum in Rotherham my uncle joe was on the shift when it was born, reckon it was down to eatin aluminiom , silica or other metals lon the floor



Here at last:jiggy:

SUFC life not a pastime

I limit myself to 2 drinks a day, I`m now 10 years in front make that 15

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I was going to start a thread about this that I have just read on WA today, but you guys beat me to it! Tracey




Two-faced kitten born in Perth


  • November 20, 2008 - 4:31PM

article-kitten-420x0.jpg A genetic mutation has left a kitten born in Perth with two faces. Photo: Matthew Poon


A two-headed kitten born in Midvale yesterday has left local vets baffled.

The kitten's mother was taken to the Swan Veterinary Clinic after suffering complications while in labour.

Community Newspapers photographer Matthew Poon happened to be at the vets for an unrelated visit and snapped the amazing images of the kitten.

There were three kittens born in the litter, but just one was left with such a unique deformity.

The kitten eats out of just one mouth because of a cleft palate, but both mouths meow simultaneously.

Louisa Burgess, a veterinary nurse who helped deliver the kitten, told InMyCommunity.com.au that she had never seen such an unusual animal in her 12-year career.

“I have seen cats with two tails and extra legs, but not this,” she said.

Ms Burgess said the cat appeared healthy, but it would be closely monitored over the next few days.

“It has a full tummy and it survived the night so that is a good sign,” she said. “It seems content, it meows and purrs.

“This is the result of a congenital deformity. Something has gone wrong in the early embryonic development".

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