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Childcare Benefit & Innoculations

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Tried this one on the money and finance forum but got no joy, so here goes again.


We are going on a 175 to QLD and will need to put our two children into full time nursery. Likely costs around $2000 a month.


Because of our earnings it is unlikely we will get any childcare benefit but from what i have read we could still claim childcare tax rebate at 50% is this right?


Also our children will need the Chicken Pox immunisation and the Hep B....do you have to pay for these, if so how much?







Bex Aka Foot lady

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Guest Global

I beleive you can claim the 50% on the cost of the nursery as and TAX refund.


With regard to Child Benifit, i though you could still claim this from the UK am sure I read this somewehere but not 100%.


No idea about the cost of the injections but why not get them done here prior to leaving.

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