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anybody emigrated on a business visa?

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    We have contacted a migration agent who suggested that, as we currently own and manage our own company (manufacturing and retailing window blinds), we should attempt to get into australia on a business visa.


    Has anybody else gone down this route. I am unsure of such a big move, with 2 young children, knowing how hard it is to establish a new business.


    My husband is 44 with over 20 years exp as a panel beater and i am a qualified primary school teacher, with very little experience. Neither of us have been employed in the above sectors for over 3 years.


    Any advice, comments etc. would be very welcome! :D


    At least I'm not wondering anymore!

    Going home - 12th December 08

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    Guest ironmaggi

    My friends emigrated to Brisbane last year on a business visa. He was a policeman and she a PA [who's now pregnant] They were intending to do something with computer security but ended up buying a bike shop! They're doing really well [they got other jobs to help pay bills intially] have built their own dream house with pool, have loads of capital left from selling a house in Essex.... I think, because you have 5 years to prove 2 years worth of turnover, it's fairly do-able [depending on economy and outlays] There was also that family on Get a New Life where he did the fishing business and she sold hairpieces eventually to help out.. so you don't have to stick to the original plan! Alternatively, are primary school teachers not in demand?

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    Guest Derbys


    Hi just wondering if your friends had joined pomsinoz, there experience in terms of setting up a business in Oz would be worth its weight in gold. It seems very little people on pomsinoz have gone on a business visa. I'm desperate for info.

    Thanks very much

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    Guest Derbys

    For bunnyboo

    Hi just wondering if you have received any information, my husband owns his own business and we are looking to do something simular in OZ but its mind blowing, I don't now where to start!! Any info would be greatly appreciated x

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