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Horse stuff in your container?

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Just to let anyone know that we have not had a problem with any of our tack coming through customs (Brisbane). But, didnt bring anything with bristles (so no grooming kit brushes), and anything that had embedded horse hair in was chucked out (older numnahs and bandages, gamgees, boots etc). Just brought everything that could be scrubbed clean or leather all of which was put into the washing machine (oh yes!!) on a 40 degree wash (nightmare) and dunked in Jeyes fluid before being thoroughly dried, so it looked like a stragley piece of beef jerky once it was ready to be packed and had the consistancy of concrete. My saddle (leather) was fine, no mould or anything but didnt do the machine wash - just a wipe over with Jeyes fluid! Tack been soaked in oil and come back to life with no problem, just needs a bit of TLC.


Just be ruthless with noticeable horse hair or anything that in the opinion of customs officers could harbour anything nasty!


I also put a note in each box explaining that it had been machine washed and dunked in Jeys Fluid and thoroughly dried before packing.


Hope that helps

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Guest Ali1963

Hi Suse


I am so grateful for your post, taking my saddles has been really worrying me, originally I wasn't even going to bother, just give them away for a fraction of their value, then I thought I'll risk it and expect a fumigation charge, now I'm wondering what else I'm gonna take!


Can I ask how you packed the saddles? Did you let the packers do it? One estimator we had said seal them in plastic but I'm not sure thats wise if they're gonna be lurking around Singapore or Hong Kong for weeks!


Thank you so much!



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Hi Alison


The packers did a brill job (Whites did our move for us)- they packed my saddle in a large lamp shade box and packed it tight with bundles of their packing paper. The bottom of the box they used the padded paper about6 - 8" thick, put the saddle in and continued to pack paper around it until it was wedged tight. I asked them not to use bubble wrap or anything so it could breath, hence no mould or anything. They also marked the box "fragile" and "this way up" and "at top of container only" so it wouldnt get squashed at the bottom of the pile. I wouldnt clean them with lots of saddle soap or oil before packing it, let them dry out a bit if possible. Leather will always come back to life!


Good luck with the move, where are you heading for? We are in Brisbane if you want the heads up on areas to look at for horses.

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