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Hi all.


I have had a post on Britvics for a week or so, and keep meaning to put one on here as well.


I am planning on an Expat motobike ride on Sunday 16th November.


The meeting point will be here in Monbulk (Dandenongs) hoping to leave here by 10am and plan on heading up into the hills through Seville, Healsville, through the Black spur of reefton spur, Marysville etc.


It will be a fair run, and will stop for a bite probably just past the Black spur or even in Marysville.


Expected time of arrival back in Monbulk around 3.30/4.00pm


So far about 6 takers. 4 poms & 2 Dutch.


Anybody else fancy a ride out ?


No mad cap riding, just a fun day out enjoying some of the best roads in Vic.


Either add to this thread if interested, or PM/Email me.










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Nobody here interested?


Now have a bit of a mixture of Poms, Dutchies and a couple of Aussies now. Hope for about 10 bikes in total.


Interested, just let me know.










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