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Part Time Workers

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    Hi Guys


    Just been informed by my Migration Agency that my Visa Application will be delayed as I have been working part time since returning to work after the birth of my Son.


    I had a friend who had a similar situation with his application but submitted it anyway and was successful.


    Has anyone else had this situation? Any advise gratefully received.





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    Guest haze,n,mart


    i was told the same by an agency but i believe you have to work 20hrs or more a week. the only drawback is you dont get the points for experience in your trade. as i am short 5 points they have told me i can invest a$100,000 in the country to gain the points. dont know if this helps doesnt seem fair as i have been in my trade as a hairdresser for 20 years but with having a daughter i now only work part time.

    never mind i think we shall still go for it . you do get the money back after a year so i suppose it would stop us jumping into buying something straight away.

    hope this helps and i know how you felt as we were really dishearted.



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