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Guest muggins

10 weeks in....

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Guest muggins

HI everyone

My name is Hazel...some of you may remember me from before as another user name...puds or the gullicks, I am now muggins!


Update so far...

We arrived in Brisbane on the 10th Aug on a PR visa. We rented up in the Sunshine Coast in holiday accomodation for 2 months and are now in a beautiful rented house in Little Mountain on the Sunshine Coast.

Children are enrolled into Kawana College and are very happy doing loads of aquatics and other sports.

Husband secured a job and I start work next week in the hospital (2 days)I am starting my own business here on the Coast doing resuscitation training, so don't intend to stay in a nursing position that long...that was not the intention!!!


well what can we tell you.....

It has been hard.. so many loop holes, things are so vry different out here nad we really researched so much before coming to this country...or so we thought


words of advice that helped us

make sure you get online as soon as ......


bring over any no claims you have for your cars as you can get up to 60% off your car insurance


bring over certified copies of certs, passports and transcripts etc


If you are going to rent , make sure you bring rental agreements, bank statements, references etc

be absolutely sure you get your removal firm to communicate every step of the way where your shippedbelongings are..we are still awaiting our stuff. It ended up on the slowest shipping line to Sydney not Brisbane (which we were originally told)


When buying cars make sure the price you get quoted is on road price (there are extra add ons for eg CPT, STAMP DUTY AND REGO


If you pay cash over here you do get very good discounts specially in a place called The Good Guys (electrical store) but most stores do it if you ask


Price of fuel is jumping up and down all the time, seems to be cheaper on certain days!!!


When you go to supermarkets ...don't be surprised when they pack your bags it is done all the time....


all money is rounded up for eg if your shopping bill comes to $40.32 they will round it to the nearest cent $40.30


apply suncream all the time...very strong rays


fresh meat and fish so much cheaper and much better quality, fruit and veg ...quite expensive but again much better quality


there is variety here if you look for it, the chocolate by the way is fine! and I am a fanatic!!! having said that we as a family don't eat it as much now $1.80 for a mars bar

we ate healthy in the UK and we are finding that this remains the same here if not more


everyone is so friendly here it is lovely..they will bend over backwards to help you...


weather is around 25 degrees most days and we have only had about 5 days rain since we got here


international calls here very cheap (oz call rechargeable phone call for $20 you get 5000 calls with a 59 cents connection fee


all the things mentioned above is what we found from personal exerience..overall we are enjoying it very much..

still to soon to say whether we will stay but for the moment we are enjoying it immensly


If there is anything you would like to know please ask


Good luck to all who are waiting for visas

I promise you it is worth it


love Muggins and gang


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Cheers Muggins for the update and the info! We will be arriving in Melbourne in a few weeks - can't wait!! Sounds like you are having a good time.


Love Gill, Phil and Harry

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Guest The Hoys hoping.........

Really imformative post........thank you.


Long may your happiness continue :-)

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Glad your settling in well and what a great post to help the ones 'on their way'.

Cal x

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place...

If you get a chance,take it, If it changes your life,let it. Nobody said it would be easy they just said it would be worth it...

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Great thread!


Good luck!




Dan x

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Guest Sharon1

Hi Hazel,

We're over at Bellvista if you want to meet for a coffe let me know. We've been here nearly 9 months and loving it. Kids go to Golden Beach State School.


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