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Guest surfersi

Work benefits, Super, tax resident

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Guest surfersi

Hopefully some of you can give me a few pointers,


we plan to go tot perth 17/04, my current employer has offered to continue to employ me for a 1yr fixed contract - renewable yr by yr keeping my current uk salary


The question is - do I continue to be paid from the UK, or i have the option of setting up a small office in perth.


What are the tax (aus) and super implications of both options, and how does being paid by a uk company effec mortage etc.


any help appreciated



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Guest oz migration



You have an umber of issues here all roiled into this from legal, tax, pension, exchange rate and mortgage.


Your best bet is to get advice from an AU adviser - let me know if you need a recommendation.


Your UK mortgage lender may wish your salary to be paid in the UK to honour its loan. You must resolve the tax liabilities which I believe will be UK bound and perhaps AU residual.


The biggest issue may well be exchange rate working againgst you and reducing your income by as much as 10-15 % at times.


Get good advice, and look into the last three years of exchange rates with AU & GBP.


Kind regards



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