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Guest amazingnewlifeahead

Sure I worry more than I should!!???

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Guest amazingnewlifeahead

Sorry to appear to be a worry wort... I sent off my Prospective Spouse Visa App 23rd Sept, payment was taken almost straight away so they have defo got it, front loaded police check and meds. Immi pre sending said they would wait for court order re my daughter and to send anyway.


I haven't had any kind of acknowlegment other than the money being taken...should I be expecting anything else at this stage or wil they just be waiting for me to send in the last piece of the puzzle?


Thanks for any advice/info in advance.




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Hi K.


Don't be lonely!


I wish I could answer your question but I am sure someone will be more knowledgeable than me. I am sure if the money'e been taken you will receive more confirmation sooner or later.


Try to relax!


Fibrous Plasterer (dryliner) MODL 4412-11 - AQF3/Pathway E TRA sent 8/4/09 passed 6/5/09 - 175 visa lodged 2/6/09 - Medicals received 4/4/11 - Police checks uploaded 3/11 - More work evidence sent 14/6/11 - APPROVED 16/6/11

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