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Guest milliemoo

Made a serious mistake. HELP!!!!

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Guest milliemoo

OMG we have just discovered we have made a serious mistake in our plans to to move down under.


The intention was to take MIL with us but we have misread the Balance of Family test rules. We thought you had to have more children outside Oz than in :no:


We are totally gutted - we haven't told her yet and she will be devastated.


What I would like to know is there any other way round it any other visa she could apply for - she will have a good sum of money to take over but we don't know if this would help??


In any event she will come out for 12 month long stay but can she do that again (she could leave the country if necessary).


Any ideas/info etc would be greatly appreciated.

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Do a search of old threads for parent visa's CPV - Gill Gollywobbler has posted tons of advise on the subject of parent visa's and also links to the necessary parts of the immigration website. My dad is coming out to visit - and although his visa is 12 months , he can only stay for periods of 3 months - I don't know how it works if they leave the country - how long they need to be absent before they can return. I think too, that to bring a family member you have to have PR or citizenship and be settled here - again, Gill has provided lots of useful info on the subject on previous threads. Searching the old threads will be a bit time consuming, but you'll get most of the information I'm sure.



I just want PIO to be a happy place where people are nice to each other and unicorns poop rainbows

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I find that part of the process hard as most families have some members that have more contact with parents than others for one reason or another and I think that should be taken into account.


I guess you nip over to NZ or Bali and come back.


Hope you can find a way for your Mum


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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