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Unemployed and almost homeless

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Well I worked my last day yesterday so I am now unemployed, feels very surreal


The house is almost ready to exchange, they still cannot find plan A of our deeds every other bloomin document, most of which other people don't have! but no plan A - if they cannot trace it we will probably have to pay and indemnity policy for our buyers of about £300


This bloomin stamp duty thing may cause us a problem if our buyers decide they don't want to pay it and ask us to drop another £2000 to avoid it


BUT I am staying positive that it will all go through OK even if we exchange and complete on the same day, nxt Friday.


Went out with my 'girls' (some of the people I support) last night for a lovely meal, they gave me a very nice pressie and cards (I am not opening any cards till we get to Oz, they only make me cry) and told me how wonderful I am and how much they will miss me which was very nice, a few glasses of wine seemed to help stop me blubbing too much, or maybe I was all blubbed out as I had blubbed I don't know how many times during the day already saying goodbye to so many people.


I have a meal out with collegues on Monday, shippers coming on Wed and Thurs. Garage sale on Sat, charity shops and dump on Mon/Tues and then thats it all done.


Still feels a bit unreal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Visa - MODL 136 Childcare Coordinator

1st TRA application, Nov 06, as a Childcare Coordinator came back positive as Hairdresser so...........


TRA ack 20/03/ app 27/04/07

Visa lodged 14/05/07

PC back 10/07/07

visa ack 14/08/07

C O 26/09/07 (11/09/07)

meds arrived 22/10/07

VISAs granted 14/12/07:biglaugh:

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Guest cantwait



How exciting!!! It sounds like you had a lovely night out.


I hope your house goes through smoothly. Good luck with everything!!





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Guest jogrant3232

Wow, your brave without having exchanged! I hope all runs smoothly and goodluck with your new life down under

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Good luck with your move. Give it some time when you get here and you'll love it.

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Your nearly there now Kazze, good luck with everything and keep us informed of your progress.





27.01.08 Made decision to move to oz, 10.04.08 Appointed Agent, 27.11.08 ACS application sent, 28.02.09 Passed ACS, 11.03.09 Visa applied for - 175/CSL-IT, 27.08.09 Case Officer, 25.09.09 - VISA APPROVED, YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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