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Guest wormy

HGV Drivers

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Guest wormy



Just been reading a thread on HGV Drives in Oz/NZ, and it states that its nigh impossible to get a HGV job, as no big companies will give you a job or sponsor you to come over on the visa needed? Is this absolutely true?:unsure: As OH is a HGV driver and is under the impression that there is loads of work to be had. If its not then its all down to my nursing to get us in


Ta for any advice



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Guest Gollywobbler

Hello Jules


Welcome to Poms in Oz.


Truckers are a subject dear to my heart because they have always been very good to me on the roads.


There are always lots of jobs for truckers in Oz. I believe that the pay & working conditions vary from first rate to appalling. The argument seems to be that there are plenty of people with the necessary HGV licences but that they refuse to do the trucking jobs because they can get better pay and working conditions doing other things.


There is a Migration Agency called Thinking Australia. Earlier this week they claimed that they have plenty of employers looking to sponsor truckers for visas. However, their IT Manager made the claim and he may not be aware of the recent legislative changes to the ENSOLconcerning HGV drivers :


Australian Migration Forum - Viewing a thread


Nonetheless, it might be worth asking Thinking Australia about this more searchingly.


The latest information that I've seen on the subject is here:


Change to 457 Eligible Occupations : British Expat Discussion Forum


George Lombard is a very experienced Registered Migration Agent practising in Sydney. George's information is accurate.


However, if you are a practising nurse then both of you will have no problem at all with securing visas based on your own skills. OH would be included on your visa as your Partner. Once he is in Oz, he can apply for any trucking job that he wants as long as he has the necessary Australian licences to drive whatever sort of truck it is.


Best wishes



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Guest stubby

Hi there, my hubby is a trucker and also a qualified truck mechanic.

Please be very careful. A freind of ours ignored warnings about it not being possible to go over as a trucker after being told from a certain agent that they could get them over via a loophole in the system. BIG mistake! They parted with £4000 all in all only to be told they couldn't go.

I think some truckers were managing to go over on the 457 before some changes came in. But it's a 'NO GO' now. The unions opposed it so that was the end of that.

There is no doubt whatsoever that there are plenty of jobs out there for truck drivers, it's just impossible to get them. Crazy huh.

I don't know if there would be a way of going over as a driver working in the mines?

I know that the mining industry is booming at the mo.

This maybe something you could look into.


Hope this has helped?




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Guest tomandmillie

Hi. When i arrived here in 2006, Vic Roads (Victoria) would not accept my HGV licence so i had to re-sit the Aussie one. if you have an HGV 1 licence they will let you go to the HC licence (same as HGV 1) without going thru the rigid licence. You can apply for the MC (multi combination) licence after 1 year.

Plenty of firms in Melbourne area will take you on. Have 1 or 2 company names if you wish.


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