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Lauren Southern

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Can anybody give me the lowdown on information about Lauren Southern? Famous White Canadian Identitarian Politician and her alleged Filipino-Australian Spy Husband?


Apparently she married a Filipino-Australian because she fell in love with his multilingual spy lifestyle (Typical since Filipino is the Rosetta Stone of all languages) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_loanwords_in_Tagalog] as the said Filipino-Australian who she hinted at having married by quoting Duterte on her Instagram, though they deeply love each other, the said unnamed Filipino-Australian "James Bond" worker for the Secret Service, introduced her to Catholicism and they truly loved each other, however, they divorced because her controversial fame was a career deadweight to her unnamed husband since being associated from her, blocked him carreer promotion in the secret service as she was too controversial...



Can anybody give me the downlow on her secretive spy James Bond husband who was allegedly Filipino-Australian?



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I knew she was married but new little about her (ex) husband. Did they have kids?

She did a great documentary about south African farmers.

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They have one son. The love child of a husband who gave up his globe trotting multi lingual spy career to be with a controversial Canadian white nationalist activist, Larueen Southern who was banned in several British Commonwealth States because of her views. Romeo and Juliet love story too, too bad it didnt end well, the pressure on the Filipino-Australian spy husband having denied security clearance on account of a white nationalist wife who was banned in several commonwealth states due to her controversial but real views, was too much for him to take so they got divorced, but they have a son though.

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