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Mortdale or Oatley

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Went to look at property in both today, the concensus from people seems to be Oatley is the "better suburb", but I think might prefer mortdale the "main Street" has more happening on it.

Anyone got anything good or bad to say about either?

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Great choice.  I agree, Oatley is the 'better suburb' due to its leafy feel and huge 'village green', but Mortdale has more going on.

I'd say, pick the property you like best, because you can walk from Oatley to Mortdale in 15 minutes.   I lived in Oatley and often did that walk, it's an enjoyable stroll.  

Worth noting that all trains stop at Mortdale but the express trains don't stop at Oatley.  Again, I didn't find that a problem because the stroll home from Mortdale station was a pleasant one.

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The northern part of Oatley and the southern side of Mortdale (and Penshurst) all shade into each other and are pretty similar. Things start looking different when you go further north, to Forest Road and beyond. Mortdale has a more traditional looking high street, but Oatley's village centre (especially the western stretch) should still give you most of the same amenities. 

Is school catchment a consideration for you? Both public primary schools in Oatley are excellent, so houses in those catchment areas attract a lot of family buyers.

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