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We are toying with the idea of emigrating to Aus (QLD). Probably around April 2024. I have lived there previously for 10+ years.

Does anyone have a simplified timescale of what needs to be done when with regards to getting dog ready?

I have a small/medium mongrel terrier, docked tail (if it makes a difference?!), all her 'bits' intact approaching 10 years old. I'd say in good health, she's runs 5 miles with me once or twice a week. It used to be 4 times but this summer the heat seemed to just slow her down too much and didn't think it was fair on her. She does have a small skin cyst lump on the back of her neck which I have had checked out at the vets. They syringed it and sent off for analysis with nothing dodgy showing up. They said they wouldn't usually remove these unless there were dodgy results. I have not kept up with yearly vaccinations.

I'd welcome a quote from the sponsors pet air if you would like to PM for my details.

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Well done you for planning early. Dont do anything quite yet. Have a read of this page on our website and it will outline things a bit better. When you are in the zone where you are around 18 months out then you need to start the chip/rabies vaccine/rabies blood sample process. But at the moment just investigating and checking the process out is perfect.



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Petair UK - the only pet travel service in Uk to be run by vets. We offer the most comprehensive services to easily and safely transport your pets from UK to Australia



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