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Tourist/Work Visa

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Hoping someone can offer advice. I'm 32 and going to head to Australia to see family/travel on October 5th. I've now been offered a month's work in Sydney starting 18th November. The company will pay and sponsor a work visa (Entertainment 408) during those dates. I then would like to stay in Oz for Xmas and NY.

Is there any way of doing this? Arriving on a Tourist and then somehow transferring to a Work Visa for the month and then back to tourist?

Annoyingly this would all be fine once the new WHV rules begin and the age is raised to 35 but right now I'm unsure what to do. Any help is much appreciated.


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The way I read the 408 rules, once you stop working you have to leave the country, you can't switch to another visa (except some asylum type visas) without leaving Australia first.

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