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100 visa

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I got married with my husband in 2019 . I met him before 4 days of marriage. Beacuse my father on dialysis and he took promise from me to get marry soon . And I got marry him. I got my visa after 15 month . And, I arrived in Australia 28 May 2021. Then o got quarantine in Adelaide. Then , I came to my home with my husband. In July, he suddenly changed his behaviour. He takes drugs and alcohol and he started abuse me I have witnessed . He threatened me every day, he controlled my life . He abused me every day and even beat me and gave mentally harassment when I got pregnant after that I had miscarriage . Now, yesterday he pushed me and he went yo the room then was furious, then I broke his sun glasses he captured in pic then he went to police station he got arrested me. His brother is lawyer and he is guiding him . He always want slave wife. I am his 3 Rd wife . Today , I talked to family lawyer and she told me you need criminal lawyer for this case . I don’t have money to fight with this situation. Pls I need help to defend myself in front of court .Now, he is threatening me I will cancel your 100 visa which I have been applied from 5 month ago 

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Unfortunately, the members of the forum can only offer you advice and support.  You will need the assistance of a lawyer

I just want PIO to be a happy place where people are nice to each other and unicorns poop rainbows

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