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Certificate of Identity Query- Urgent Travel

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G’day all!

Hoping someone can help with the pickle I’m currently in.

European passport still hasn’t arrived in Aus after 8 weeks(!) and I’m due to travel this Thursday (!!!)

I have PR but no Aus passport. I was looking into the Certificate of Identity option and called the DFA for the docs. Yesterday, 2 people said they would be emailed to me but nothing has been received. Today a third said they only mail them out.

I’ve looked everywhere on their website but can’t find a copy to download and print. Does anyone possibly have a copy or know where I could obtain one?!!

Or is there another option I haven’t come across yet?

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Unfortunately, it clearly says on the website that the only way to get the form is to call them, so it's not on the website anywhere.  

Depending what country you're from, you may be able to get an emergency passport from your Consulate that would allow you to travel.   The difficulty then would be whether you could re-enter Australia.

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Does your country have an embassy in Australia? If it does then I think you're not eligible for the COI:

  • A non-Australian/non-British citizen in Australia whose government does not have a presence in Australia but who has an urgent need to travel for compassionate circumstances and who can show that his/her government cannot provide a travel document in time to meet his/her travel needs.

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