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Aus to UK Company recommendations

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I have a 1 year old Pointer. I’m wanting to ship him to go from Melbourne to Liverpool or Manchester (whichever is easier/cheaper if there’s a difference?) 

I have 0 knowledge about this whole process I’ve had a look on google there’s quite a few different companies and it’s all vague about pricing. They all want me to submit a form and get a quote. Instead of doing this for multiple companies I thought I will make a post here and see what people have gone with to ship their pets and the rough costs. 

all of his shots are up to date and he’s in perfect health. I don’t have a crate that’s suitable for a plane trip (I don’t think). He has a standard crate for his crate training that’s it but I feel like a crate for a plane must be a crate designed specifically for travel, surely? 

I would drop him off at the airport and pick him up afterwards myself 

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