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In Principal Approval Letter

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Good afternoon!


I received "In Principal Approval letter" three days back from Aphra for provisional registration, my question is can I apply for visa with this letter now? is it possible to obtain visa for Australia? since I am residing and working in Qatar, 


Kindly advise me, I need to give them confirmation with in three days. 




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What is your profession? AHPRA is not a skills assessing body. They are only your professional registration body. You must have submitted your skills assessment outcome to AHPRA in order to gain registration? That's what's needed to meet the points test from DIBP.

IELTS : 13/08/16: W8 S8 L9 R9. Skills Ax sent/Rcvd/granted: 30/08/16, 12/09/16, 10/10/16. AHPRA sent/AIP : 05/09/16, 28/12/16. EoI/invited: 20/1/17, 01/02/17. 189 submitted: 06/02/17, Caseworker: 23/02/17. Medicals: 31/03/17. Grant: 12/04/17. Child 101 submitted: 09/06/17. Granted: 06/07/17. Landed: 01/09/17.

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