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Ian from SendPayments.com

Now is the best time to transfer money to the UK in 5 years

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The past 24 hours have seen the Australian Dollar surge to highs v the Pound that PIO members will not have experienced since 2017*, so if you are considering transferring any funds back to the UK now could be a good time for you.

A combination of the Royal Bank of Australia leaving its cash rate unchanged at 0.1%, soaring commodity prices, a strong trade surplus and the ongoing war in Ukraine are the major contributing factors aiding this.

Poms in Oz have partnered with multi-award winning Australian based (but founded by two Poms), Send Payments to provide our members with a cost-effective method to transfer funds securely from Australia to the UK.

Receive a free exchange rate quote 

*Article written on 06/04/22

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Actually it is the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Foreign Exchange Rates are very hard to predict.

Next week, Next Month, Next Year could be even better than now. That is the conundrum.

Buy a man eat fish. The Day, Teach Man, to lifetime.      - Joe Biden.

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Could also be a good strategy Ian for people with QROPS Super Funds that have transferred UK Pensions in recent years and already converted to Aussie Dollars..............could be buying more Pounds!


Financial Adviser (FPA Member AFP ®) / Tax (Financial) Adviser (TPB)

SMSF Specialist Advisor™ (SSA™) / UK SIPP Authorised Adviser 

Specialising in UK Expat Retirement Planning Advice and Pension Transfers 

Director - Vista Financial Services – www.vistafs.com.au / 08 8381 7177

AR-322874 /AFSL-234951


Please note that my advice on this forum is general advice only and professional financial advice should be sought for your own personal situation.

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