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Our timeline 

Occupation 312912

EOI  21/12/2021

Pre-invite SA  04/05/2022

Invitation approved 11/05/2022

Application lodged 22/05/2022

Biometrics and Medicals 24/05/2022

Application status: Further assessment. 

How long is it likely to take us to grant?. 

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11 hours ago, The Gees said:

Congratulations! That's brilliant 😀

I am a History teacher and just lodged a week ago. They requested medicals, with a 28 day turnaround, as soon as the application was lodged.   Have you told your head yet? It's tricky with the notice periods in schools isn't it. 


Thank you! I was teaching in Thailand at a Bilingual school so their term finished in late March. I came back to UK and just doing cover and exam marking so no head to tell really (which I'm glad about, haha!) 

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