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Insurance for theft or individual loss on PBO boxes

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I'm going through a couple of preliminary shipping quotes.  For reasons, I want to do PBO (packed by owner), for everything but the furniture.  Reading through one insurance policy, they don't cover theft or loss of PBO boxes.  I understand why it's standard for PBO scenarios to not cover breakage, only total loss, but why not cover theft or loss of PBO boxes if they are inventoried and line item insured?

Has anyone used 3rd party insurance policies that would cover theft or loss of individual PBO boxes?

Also, I gather from other threads, if you have to store your furniture at either end (especially the destination in Australia), insurance by the week for storage is extra and can be quite steep, does anyone have further information or testimonials about temporary storage?


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I would try another insurance company, they are not all the same.  

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