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Partner visa advice

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Hello, new here! Not sure if I've posted in the correct section. I am Australian born but have lived in Scotland for the last 34 years. My husband and I were toying with the idea of a possible move to Australia. I'm 49 and he is mid 50's. We have a daughter who is 22 and a son who is 20. Son still at Uni and isn't really interested in a move to Australia. My daughter has recently graduated and has a job and would probably go at the drop of a hat. She was looking into it herself. I work as a Teaching Assistant and my husband is in the oil industry. We realise that getting jobs like we have here is probably unrealistic due to our age.

Was thinking of applying for the Partner visa? If you were  lucky enough to be granted one

a) How long do you need to stay in Australia once its granted ie/ is there a minimum stay? 

b) Would this make my husband a resident and could we come and go as we pleased between the UK and Australia? We would ideally like to retire there not sure how this works with no retirement visa anymore. Sorry for all the questions

Would be grateful for any advice as it is a very expensive visa to apply for

Thank you 


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May I suggest that you consult one of the registered migration agents who posts on this forum for an assessment of your case?

Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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