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Citizenship application for 17 year old

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hi All,

I am very confused and need someone that has gone through the same situation's experience please.

My child is 17 and her passport will expire 3 days after we are eligible to apply.  So we will be applying on the day that we are eligible.

So now since she is 17 she has to do her own application, but I was told that since her passport will expire she has to submit a paper application.

My question is, what other Proof of Photo ID can we use for her to be able to submit an application online instead of paper based?

I was thinking maybe a learner's licence.....?


SA->UK->OZ | Final decision for OZ made 13/03/2017 | Agent assessment 14/03/17 | skills assessment submitted 14/04/17 | Technical interview 31/7/17 | Assessment feedback 9/8/17 | 190 EOI NSW submitted 12/8/17 | Withdrew EOI to NSW as appl closed | 190 EOI Vic submitted 5/9/17 | Vic SS received 28/11/17 | ITA received 28/11/17 | Applied PCC UK & SA 1/12/2017 | Visa application lodged 4/12/17 | Submitted form 80 | Medicals 13/12/2017 | received UK PCC 14/12/17 | Medicals cleared 21/12/17 | Submitted form 1221 8/1/18 | DIRECT GRANT 15/2/18

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I think you can do the online application with an expired passport.

The Home Affairs website says do the paper version if:

do not have a current or expired passport or travel document

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Apply with her current passport expired or not.  If you renew it then update the application. Once you have citizenship you will all need Australian passports anyway.

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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