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I got invited to apply for a 190 skilled visa as a fitter in August for SA. 

I potentially have a job offer in a critical sector whom is able to provide immigration with a offer of employment. 
Does anyone know how much this will speed up the process and if this is what is needed to have a case officer assigned to my application? 

Has anyone else had this happen to them? 



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Prior to the borders opening to skilled visas tomorrow it would have helped you secure a travel exemption I think. Even now I would upload it to your immi account and name it critical sector job offer as that might grab the attention of a Case officer. Previously people used the critical skill job offer to secure a travel exemption and as you enter your visa application  number on the travel exemption form it obviously triggered them to then process the visa once you were granted an exemption for being a critical sector worker

Visited QLD, NSW and VIC December 2019 with my wife and 4 children on a Reccie trip

Applied for a 491 QLD April 2020 with 95 points


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