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sai bandi

Ceremony time frame!!!!

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Hi all, hope everyone doing great. 

I finished my test today and got the approval with in 30 min. Not sure how many days it will take for the ceremony!! 

Anyone from WA waiting for there ceremony invite?? 

Thanks for any help guys. All the best with your application's.

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I think it depends solely on where you are and how many applications they are processing.   My son's partner applied for her Citizenship over 2 years ago before all this covid rubbish.   She didn't get to sit her test until May this year, 18 months later.   She finally attended the Ceremony and received her Certificate last week..... this was in Queensland on the Gold Coast.  

No idea how it is going in WA though.  

......Just trying to be helpful so don't shoot me down if my personal views do not coincide with yours! :animal-dog:

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